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Gas and Charcoal Barbeque Grills...
Use, Maintenance and Safety

Gas grill surfaceAsk any devotee of outdoor cooking and they'll sum it up like this,  "You can have your steak... and eat it too!".  Or, if you prefer, your corn, veggies, and S'mores for desert... all over the finger-searing heat of your trusty charcoal or gas backyard grill!

Though grills vary in their ease-of-use, it really doesn't matter to most of us!  It's the primitive thrill of cooking outdoors, facing the challenges of rain, wind, insects and the neighbor's dog!

So here are some nifty articles on the in's and out's of barbeque grilling with the most gain and the least pain.  Chow down on these:

All about "Overfill Protection Devices" on propane tanks

Gas Vs. Charcoal Grills: Who Wins the Great Barbeque Debate?

Barbeque Makeover for Less: How to Turn Your Aging Grill or BBQ Smoker Into a Shiny New Machine

Safety and Cooking Tips for Gas Grills

Gas Grill Repair Tutorial Articles

The following articles presented courtesy Appliance Factory Parts:

Why repairing your old gas grill might be a great investment!!
New gas grill are overpriced, for one, and most gas grills can be easily repaired!

An in-depth guide to cleaning, repair and replacement of your burner/venturi system.

Cooking grids
A guide to cleaning and general maintenance of your grids.

Find your make, model and serial number
This information is important for ordering parts.

Glass Windows... protecting them from damage
Ever had a glass window break for no apparent reason?

Grill interiors/exteriors
Thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your grill.

How to troubleshoot and replace your LP hose assembly.

How to finally fix those annoying spark setups.

Rocks, briquettes
Maintenance and replacement of rocks and briquettes.

Rock grates
How to give your grate a clean up, and know when it's time to replace.

Fix those sticking knobs and other general valve maintenance.

Sometimes a broken window is a symptom of another common gas grill problem.

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