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Just let us spit out this "legalese" (delicately into a napkin, of course) and you can be on your way!!

Mr. Email recently asked us if legalese was a type of Italian sausage? Honestly now... do you think he should be let out of the basement? Maybe it's the radon... we just don't know! Anyway, on to the meat of the discussion...

Concerning YOUR Use Of This Website...

The Natural Handyman website and all content therein is provided for informational and entertainment purposes to the general public, with the exception of any private areas requiring registration and/or payment.

Your use of this website is subject to the following terms and conditions. Your use of this website constitutes your acceptance of there terms and conditions and you agree to be bound by them. If you do not agree to these terms or our Privacy Policy, you are not authorized to use this website or any of its features or content for any purpose. We reserve the right to change these terms from time to time.

If you use an internet security program which blocks cookies or advertisements, you may not have access to portions of our content. These security programs can be quite "heavy-handed" and block important graphics and other content which are not injurious to you.

Therefore we cannot take any responsibility of your inability to use our website due to the security settings of the software on your computer.

Depending on where you live, there may be laws limiting your ability to perform certain home repairs. The fact that we may have an article posted does not necessarily mean that you can legally perform the repairs or installations described. If in doubt, contact your local building inspector, state licensing agency or other governmental agency to determine your rights, obligations and limitations.

Concerning Copyrights...

ALL MATERIAL ON THIS WEBSITE IS COPYRIGHTED!! Most of these copyrights are held by THE NATURAL HANDYMAN. Some are jointly held or held by outside organizations such as software companies, independent authors and various home repair organizations and websites that have allowed us permission to use their graphical materials, content, etc. There are also some public domain documents and other submitted materials posted here.

Nothing on this site may be reproduced for use in any publication or distributed for any purpose, profit or non-profit, without the express written permission of The Natural Handyman or his authorized representatives. If you have any questions, or would like to publish an article or excerpt from this site, send us a message by clicking HERE.

Any permissions given for the use of materials from this site or any adjunct publications may be withdrawn at any time for any reason unless a time period is specified in writing by us.

Our policy regarding the conditions of use of copyrighted materials may change from time to time without notice.

Concerning Links To Other Websites...

All link listings and their descriptions are for informational purposes only and do not constitute endorsement of the products, services or information available at those sites.  Each site is responsible for its own content, software and policies.

Concerning Liability...

All information and articles on or site, in our newsletter or our other publications on or off-line are for informational purposes only. The Natural Handyman has no control of how you may use information you download from this site or obtain from other publications. We also cannot anticipate any unusual or unique circumstances of your situation. Therefore we cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur because of the use of the information we supply.

Home repair can involve dangers from tools and situations that can cause severe bodily harm or death! Even professionals with years of experience in handling power tools and assorted blunt instruments have accidents, and the best of us can still occasionally cut off a body part or two! Be sure to read all instruction manuals and take proper safety precautions as recommended by the manufacturers of the tools and products you use!!

This is important! Please use good judgment and caution in undertaking any home repair, and do not attempt any repair or project that you are not mentally or physically capable of doing. Rely on your common sense and know your limitations. As you learn more and more about home repair, you will see how even similar repairs can take very different turns! Measure your challenges carefully, and call for professional assistance when you feel unsure of your abilities.

Concerning Your Comments, Questions and Submissions...

Any correspondence, articles, or other materials sent to this site become the property of The Natural Handyman. By making a submission through any medium, you agree that these materials may be used for the benefit of this site and all our visitors, and may be reproduced or excerpted for use on the site with no payment or other compensation unless agreed to in writing.

We reserve the right to edit any and all correspondence for length, quality of prose, or foul language, with care to maintain its informational value. For example, a letter submitted with multiple questions may be edited to focus on one topic.

We do not take responsibility for the content or veracity of any reprinted comments, edited or not! However, we welcome all comments and questions with the goal of constantly improving the variety and accuracy of our content.

Needless to say, due to the great volume of mail we receive each month only a limited number of comments or questions may be replied to and/or reprinted.

Concerning The Use of Personal Information about YOU... Privacy

We will not routinely give, lend, sell, or the names or email addresses of anyone sending us a question or comment, subscribing to our newsletter(s) or entering our contests! THE NATURAL HANDYMAN feels very strongly about his privacy, and, not being a hypocrite, also cares as strongly about protecting yours. Please read our full privacy statement by clicking HERE.

If an opportunity arises that may benefit our site and our subscribers, but requires release of names and or addresses to an outside entity, all subscribers will be contacted prior to this action and allowed reasonable time to both vent their feelings (which will be taken into account before final action is taken) and/or remove themselves from our mailing list.

We will not intentionally print any subscriber's name or address on any public part of this website, with the obvious exception of special announcements or promotions such as contest winners. However, correspondents may be identified by their initials and location or by pseudonyms such as "Hey, you!", "Cookie" or the ubiquitous "Anonymous".