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Gas Grill Cooking Grids
Cleaning and Maintenance

Courtesy Appliance Factory Parts

Cooking Grid General Maintenance:

  • Preheat gas grill on high for 10 minutes before each use
  • Scrub with a brass bristle brush
  • Carefully wipe grids with a paper towel before use

Cooking Grid Cleaning

  • Remove and inspect the cooking grid(s). Most grills have either chrome or porcelain coated cooking grids
  • If the chrome grid is not excessively rusted, soak in a hot soapy water solution to loosen the cumulated grease
  • Scrub with a steel wool pad or a stiff nylon pad
  • Rinse thoroughly and lightly coat with cooking oil before use. Porcelain grids may be cleaned in the same manner, special porcelain cleaning brushes are ideal for this job, as they will minimize chipping and other damage
  • If you find broken welds, cannot adequately remove rust, or have excessively chipped or missing porcelain, you may opt to replace the cooking grid.

Clean grills with a wire brush when hot for easier cleaning                 Scrub grills with steelwool pad

About the author: Appliance Factory Parts is a one-stop shop for your grill needs.  They have parts for 12,000 BBQ models and 40,000 BBQ parts, including gas grill burners, grids, and grates

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