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Gas Grill Burner Cleaning and Repair

Courtesy Appliance Factory Parts

This article should help you through the majority of possible gas grill burner problems. At any time if these cleaning procedures did not work, or if the burner has rusted through,  replacement is necessary.

The burner is the "guts" of your grill. But over time, the combination of high heat, salts, fats, and basting solutions that fall on it will cause it to fail.

Now you must perform the dirty job of removing the cooking grids, briquettes/rocks, grate, and finally the burner from the grill. So lets get to it!

Get ready to take the "guts" out of your gas grill...

Cleaning and troubleshooting your Venturi...

The venturi tube on your gas grill mixes air with the propane to allow proper combustion.

It is extremely important to clean the venturi tubes of any obstructions such as spider webs, etc. If possible, do this at the start of the grilling season or any other time the grill has not been used for a while. Even a small spider web can restrict the air/gas mixture and cause poor burner performance or a flash-back fire.

A venturi brush (also called a "spider" brush) should be used to clean the venturi tubes. Special care should be taken to make sure the brush passes through any curve in the venturi tube.

You may also flush out the tubes with a strong flow of water from a garden hose. While you are doing this, pay attention to how the water exits the burner port holes as clogged holes (as well as other leaks) are easily spotted this way!

If the venturi tubes are rusted and/or broken, you will need either new tubes or a new burner, depending on the assembly of the two and how the manufacturer sells replacement parts.

Cleaning and Troubleshooting Your Gas Grill Burner

Clogged holes in your burner can cause your grill to have hot and cold spots, which not only make it difficult to cook evenly, but can be dramatic enough that they may increase the chance of a shattering your grill's glass window!  Follow these troubleshooting steps:

Too many excessively obstructed ports, or ports that are showing damage indicate that it's time to replace the burner. But if you can clear the ports and the previous inspection and cleaning processes did not indicate burner failure, we can continue:

Replacing your burner...

So your burner needs replacement?  Before you throw it away, you need to do a few things:

In addition to stainless steel burners, you should consider buying "better than original" cast iron burners. Cast iron burners heat up and become their own heat radiant source, cooking your food better. They also have a longer life span than stainless steel burners because of their heavy construction.

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