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The Glass Window on Your Gas Grill... Protecting It From Breakage

Courtesy Appliance Factory Parts

Ever had a glass window on your gas grill  break for no apparent reason? Then replaced it, only to have it break again shortly after?

The problem is in fact the burner inside the grill, not the glass itself.  Despite the fact that the glass is designed to withstand  high temperatures, defects in the holes in your grill's burner (due to gunk, rust, aging, or another reason) can cause it to generate much higher heat than the grill is designed for.  The larger flow of gas outlet of gas through the enlarged hole can cause a "hot spot" within the grill.   This unusual heat can, over time, overstress the glass leading to breakage.

Corroded burners are not only a safety hazard, but can also affect the quality of the cooking. If your window breaks unexpectedly, always check your burner for corrosion or any other problems! 

Click here for do-it-yourself tutorial on troubleshooting and/or replacing your gas grill's burner or burners!

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