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Why Repairing Your Old Gas Grill Might
Be Better Then Replacing It... Really!!

Courtesy Appliance Factory Parts

Whether you are a BBQ guru, or the occasional weekend warrior, there are not many things better than cooking on your propane gas grill on a hot summer day.

The fact is, grilling with gas is ten times more convenient than charcoal, much easier to control temperatures, and adaptable to any cooking situation. The great flavor of grilling comes from food oils and basting solutions falling to the hot surface below and creating the smoke that flavors the food. Yum!

To repair or not repair... that is the question!

Have you ever thought: "Is this old grill still all right? Do I need to buy a new one?"

Even the best grill manufacturers using the best grill component parts available, cannot make them last forever without maintenance. Since you are reading this, you have probably already experienced what I am talking about!

Are you ready for a shocker? 

Average grill quality you would buy in stores is actually declining! Each year grills are produced to meet lower and lower price points. This means quality is declining year after year.  Gas grill burners are now aluminized steel (used to be longer lasting stainless steel), stampings replace heavy castings and large windows have replaced solid lids because glass is cheaper than aluminum! 

Believe it or not, gas grills produced 5, 10, or 15 years ago are actually worth 2 to 10 times or more than the original list price! And very few of the "bells & whistles" on newer grills are practical, most unnecessary and can be added as accessories.

Do-It-Yourself Grill Repair is simple!

As a rule, gas grill construction is really pretty simple. You can repair and rebuild your gas grill easily and usually without any assistance.  In fact, the cost of doing this is much less that the replacement cost of the gas grill you already have, especially if you purchase your parts from Appliance Factory Parts.

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Still thinking of buying a new grill?

Buyers Beware!!  Don't be misled by the cheap gas grills that mass merchants offer. You get what you pay for! Here are some general specifications to look out for:

Buy only the best replacement parts!

Whether you grill every chance you get, or just occasionally, please take care when purchasing your replacement parts!  At Appliance Factory Parts, we pride ourselves on giving you the highest quality parts at the lowest possible price. We will beat any competitor's price by 5%. If you have any questions, please visit our site!