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Keep Your Grill Looking Great... Inside and Out!

Courtesy Appliance Factory Parts

Cleaning your grill's interior:

  • First, cover the valve gas jet area and any ignitor wires with a protective cloth, plastic or aluminum foil (Fig. 1)
  • Scrape off heavy grease or cooking debris accumulation with a putty knife or scraper (Fig. 2)
  • Next vacuum the dry debris with a vacuum or scrub the interior with a strong detergent solution (Fig. 2)
  • Rinse, and let dry
  • Remove protective covers installed earlier

Cleaning your grill's exterior:

  • If the grill is not badly oxidized (whitened), a good warm water and detergent solution will brighten it's appearance.
  • A light coating of cooking oil evenly applied will actually restore the black color.

Did this help? If not you may want to try:

  • Paint the castings, which will restore them to near new condition.  Note: Do not paint the interior of your grill!  The fumes will contaminate your food and make your grill unuseable!!
  • To remove heavy oxidization on the grill's exterior, brush with steel wool or a wire brush.
  • Lightly sand the whole grill, then rinse.
  • Make sure no grease remains, as the paint will not stick to grease!
  • Using a good quality grill paint, lightly coat the whole exterior (Fig. 3). Applying the paint too heavily may cause sagging or running!  Two or three light coats, done within a half-hour of each other, are better than one heavy coat to get a better appearance and more thorough coverage.
  • Let the pain dry per manufacturer's instructions. The paint will "bake on" during it's first use. Also follow the paint manufacturer's instructions for the first heating, if any.

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