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You are in our Articles area with full-length home repair articles on do-it-yourself  and home repair topics.  Most have been written by NH... others were contributed by professionals in their fields. Below is a list of current articles.

Another area of our site you might find useful is our Q&A, which features shorter questions-and-answers from readers.  Many have been featured in past issues of our monthly Handyman Letter.  Our Links Library is also a great resource for the best home repair and product websites.

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Acrylic plastic, uses and tips
Air filtration and purification
American Flag... proper display
Anchors, wall or ceiling
Ants, winged carpenter
Asphalt driveway, sealing
Attic fans
Attic whole house exhaust fan
Attic stairs, installing
Automatic gate opener plans
Backsplash, kitchen or bathroom ideas
Balusters, replacing wood with iron
Bamboo, flooring and other uses
Barbecue grills, use, care and safety
Basement dampness
Basement upflushing toilets
Basement water problems
Bathroom exhaust fans
Binding, carpet explained
Birdhouse plans
Blind rivet, uses
Boot, work, clean waterproof
Brick mortar repair
Brick, mortar stains
Brick walks, patios and driveways
Bulb, broken
Business tips for handymen
Cabinets, installing wall and floor
Carbon monoxide
Carpet binding, how it's done
Carpets, maintenance and cleaning
Carpets, repair
Carpets, stain removal
Carpet, tackless strip removal
Caulk, bathrooms
Cedar roof, maintenance of
Ceiling anchors
Ceiling spray texture, removal
Ceiling spray texture, repair and repainting
Cement, adhesive
Cement, cleaning
Ceramic tile, repair
Charcoal grill care, use and safety
Chiminea care
Chimney fire, causes and prevention
Christmas lights
Clothes dryer, misc.
Clothes washer, install tips
Cleaning, carpet stains
Cleaning, after-party tips
Clothes washer, hoses
Clothes washer, installation
Compression fittings, plumbing
Computer issues, really old stuff
Concrete, tile/topdressing preparation
Concrete countertops
Concrete cutting, foundations and slabs
Concrete cutting, for basement remodel
Concrete staining
Condensation, basement pipes
Container Gardening
Contractors, hiring tips
Conversions, US and Metric
Cooktop, gas installation
Cooktop, induction installation
Copper pipe, soldering tips
Corian®, drilling faucet holes
Corian®, do-it-yourself installation tips
Corrugated roof panels
Countertops, all articles
Countertops, concrete
Countertops, cleaning, repair
     and installation
Countertops, solid-surface
   Corian®-type installation tips

Cracks and seams, driveway
Crawlspace, damp
Curtain and blind safety issues
Cutting board hygiene, plastic vs. wood
Deck, sealing and preserving
Decorating and painting articles
Dehumidifier, electric
Dishwasher installation tips
Door, patio roller replacement
Door hand or swing, determine
Door repair and adjustment
Drawer track repair
Drawers, not working
Driveway, installing brick
Driveway, heated
Driveway, sealing asphalt
Driveway, sealing cracks
Drywall, installation and repair tips
Duct cleaning
Duct tape, a caveat!!
Electric portable generator, safety tips
Electrical repair and troubleshooting, article list
Electrical safety
Energy conservation
Expansion anchors
Fan, attic
Fan, bathroom exhaust
Fasteners, general information
Faucet installation
Fence, picket spacing calculator
Fiber cement siding
Filler for wood floors
Fire safety checklist
Fireplace screens
Fireplace, decorating tips
Fireplace, outdoor (chiminea)
Firewood, miscellaneous articles
Firewood, cutting and storage tips
Firewood, selection
Firewood, shorten to fit your stove
Flag, American... proper display
Floor care, vinyl
Floor fillers, wood
Floors, radiant heating
Floors, squeaky
Floors, refinishing
Fluorescent fixtures, repair
Fluorescent fixture... turn off when leaving room?
Furniture, leather care
GFCI, care and feeding
Garage door opener tips
Garage door repair
Garage door safety cables
Garden hose, wrapping long
Garden, raised using pressure treated wood
Garden planters
Gardening, container
Gardening and landscaping
Gas and charcoal grill safety, care and
cooking tips

Gas cooktop installation tips
Gate, automatic opener
Generator, portable electric safety tips
Generator, shopping tips
Geothermal heat, the basics
Glass and glazing
Glass, insulated
Glass, removing small scratches and stains

Glass vessel sink, selection and care
Glues and adhesives
GOOP... the adhesive
GOOP for kids, recipe
Graphite, for door hinges
Graphite, general use
Greenhouse, simple plans
Grill, gas maintenance articles
Ground fault circuit interrupter
Grout painting with epoxy colorant
Gun, hot melt adhesive
Gutters, general articles
Gutter covers, installing solid
Hand of a door, determining
Handyman, hiring tips
Heated driveway
Heating, radiant floor
Heating, geothermal, the basics
Hinges, squeaky door
Hiring a contractor, tips
Hiring a handyman, tips
Holiday ideas
Holiday safety
Home, as an investment
Home, preparing for sale
Home decor and decorating
Home improvements, resale value of
Home stylebooks
Home theater, basics
Hose, wrap long garden
Household pests
Humidifier, install water supply
Humidifier, maintenance and repair
Ice dams on roofs
Ice maker, refrigerator installation
Ice melting, automatic on driveways
Induction cooktop installation
Insects and vermin
Insect inspection, do it yourself
Insecticide, use around pets
Insulated glass
Ironing boards, recessed
Kitchen backsplash ideas
Kitchen faucet installation/removal
Ladders, safety
Laminate countertops
Landscaping and gardening
Latex vs. Oil Paints
Leak detection systems, water
Leather boot care
Leather furniture care
Light bulb, removing broken
Light bulb, history
Light bulb, how they work
Lightning,  safety
Linoleum floor repair
Linseed oil
Linseed oil, spontaneous combustion
Litterbox, side-entrance
Load bearing walls, basic info
Locks and locksets
Log home design and building

Mailbox, installation tips
Mailbox, making the flag more visible
Mailbox, post replacement
Mailbox, masonry locking installation
Masonry, cleaning
Masonry siding
Media center, design
Medicine cabinets, recessed
Metric - US conversions
Mice, keeping them out
Microwave oven, over the range installation tips
Mildew, inside
Mildew, roofs
Mineral stains and deposits, removal
Mirror, mask unsightly edges
Molly bolts
Mortar repointing and repair
Moss and mildew on roofs
Muriatic acid
Nails, proper sizing and predrilling considerations
Natural gas
Noise proofing tips
Oil vs. Latex Paints
Oven, microwave over the range installation tips
Paint FAQ
Paint, preserving saved
Painting articles
Painting, touchups
Patio, brick
Patio door roller replacement
Patio roof, translucent panels
Pest control, insects and vermin
Pets and insecticide use
Picket fence calculator
Picket fence construction
Plans, woodworking
Planters, garden choosing
Plaster stencils, making
Plastic, acrylic uses and tips
Playground safety
Plumbing- see specific topics
Poison, household products
Polyurethane, retouching
Pool, spa and hot tub safety
Pool energy savings
Pool, general articles
Pop-up, sink repair or replacement
"Popcorn" ceiling texture, repair/painting
"Popcorn" ceiling texture removal
Pressure-treated wood
Pressure treated wood for raised gardens
Propane gas, about
Propane gas grill care, use and safety
Property disclosure, sample
Radiant heating, various articles
Radon, basic information
Radon, EPA USA maps
Rain barrels, how to use
Real estate investing
Recessed cabinets
Refrigerator icemaker hookups
Repointing mortar
Rivet tool or gun
Roof, maintain cedar
Roof, ice dams
Roof, translucent panels
Roof, removing algae/fungus
Rugs, repair
Rust, prevent with WD-40
Saddle tees
Saddle valves, repair and installation
Safety, home safety articles
Safety cables, garage door
Sale value of home improvements
Screens, fireplace
Screws, removing one-way security
Seal seam between asphalt and concrete
Security chain for doors, installing
Selling your home, tips
Septic system, care and feeding
Sharpening, planes
Sheetrock, installation and repair tips
Shellac, history and manufacture
Shellac, for sealing and wood finishing
Shower doors, repair and replacement
Showers, grouting and caulking
Showers, refinishing
Shutters, window articles
Siding, choosing for your home
Siding, preparation for staining
Silicone, spray lubricant
Sink, bathroom blockage or odor
Sink, glass vessel selection and care
Sink stopper and pop-up troubleshooting
Slime (a.k.a. Goop for Kids) Recipe
Smoke alarms, installation and care
Solar Technology, an overview
Solder, copper pipe or tubing
Solid gutter covers, installing
Solid surface countertop, installation tips
Soundproofing, do it yourself
Soundproofing, doors
Soundproofing, condos and apartments
Soundproofing, home office
Squeaky floors
Spontaneous combustion of linseed oil
Spray texture, remove
Spray texture, repair
Springs, garage door repair
Stain removal, carpet
Staining concrete
Stairway, replacing balusters
Stencils, making raised plaster
Stopper, sink troubleshooting
Storm doors
Storm safety tips
Stucco siding
Surges, cause of electrical power
Surge protectors, choosing
Sweating or soldering copper pipe
Swimming pool, spa and hot tub safety
Swimming pool energy savings
Swing or "hand" of door, determining
Tackless strip removal
Tankless water heater
Tape, duct
Tarps, for painting
Telephones; the basics
Television, hanging flat panel on concrete wall
Termites, winged subterranean
Thermostats, selection and use
3-way circuits
Thunder and lightning, about
Tile, concrete prep for
Tile grout and caulk
Tile grout restoration with colorant
Tile repair, ceramic
Toggle bolts
Toilets; basement and upflush
Toilets... maintenance and repair
Torsion springs, adjust
Torsion springs, installation
Touchup painting
TSP, trisodium phosphate, uses
Tub doors, repair and replacement
Tubs, grouting and caulking
Tubs, refinishing
Upflushing toilets
US - Metric conversions
US Flag... proper display
Ventilation, attic
Vinyl floor care
Vinyl floor repair
Vinyl siding
Walk, brick
Wall anchors
Wallboard, installation and repair tips
Wallpaper seam repair
Wallpaper stripping
Walls, identifying load bearing
Washing machine hoses; replacement
Washing machine installation tips
Water, collecting rain
Water, filtration and purification
Water hammer
Water heaters, adjust temperature
Water heaters, choosing
Water heater, flushing sediment
Water heater, rotten egg odor
Water heaters, tankless
Water heaters, all topics
Water leak detection systems
Whole house fan, install
Wicker furniture, care and cleaning
Window box, plans
Window covering safety issues
Window energy efficiency standards
Window film, installing decorative
Windows, double-hung
Windows, glass and glazing
Windows, history of replacement
Windows, insulated glass
Windows, understanding replacement
Windows, miscellaneous repair articles
Window shutters
Wood finishing and refinishing
Wood floor fillers
Wood, pressure treated
Wood siding and shingles
Woodworking plans
Woodburning articles
Workboot care and waterproofing
Workshop, organizing tips
Wrought iron balusters, installing

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