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NH has a " love-hate" relationship with painting. He loves painting because it is a relaxing, lose-yourself sort of job (with the exception of the more difficult prep work). At the same time, he hates it because it lacks the challenge of a new home repair adventure... the smell of overheating electric drills, the thrill of facing the unknown... and coming out with skin fully intact!

Painting, staining, preserving and decorating tasks are often simple and basic... though they can be a lurch into the void for the novice!  Choose any article below... read, learn and by all means jump right in!!

Interior Painting, Repair, Preparation and Removal

Basic Paint FAQ

Selecting the right floor paint for your home or business

Is it latex or oil? Figuring out what type of paint is on your walls!

Apply a faux oil rubbed bronze finish on any item in your home

How to get a uniform appearance or "sheen" on your walls

Brushes and rollers, keeping them useable for the entire job!

Ceilings, painting/repairing damaged spray texture

Ceilings, removing "popcorn" spray texture from ceilings

Cleaning brushes and rollers... a philosophical study Coming soon!!

Difficult surfaces... getting paint to stick to most anything!

Painting without sanding

Don't use exterior paint on interior walls!

Latex vs. Oil Paint... the controversy still rages!

Latex paint seems to stay tacky forever!

Mildew control

Paint removers, dangers

Removing paint from metal

Tarps... how to use them and not abuse them

Touch-up paint... keeping it fresh

Matching paint and doing touchups

Old Spackle and Wallboard Compound... should you use it?

Reasons why you SHOULDN'T paint over wallpaper!


Wallpaper removal

Wallpaper repair

Reasons why you SHOULDN'T paint over wallpaper!

Exterior Painting, Wood Sealing and Preserving

Protect Your Deck With Proper Preparation And The Correct Stain Or Sealer!

Preparation Techniques for Staining of Exterior Wood Siding

Should Your Repaint Your Home of Consider Vinyl Siding?

Elastomeric Paints Can Stretch The Life Of Masonry Exteriors

Linseed Oil as a Preservative Inside and Out

The Facts about Linseed Oil and Spontaneous Combustion... Buyer Beware!

Winterize and Seal Your Wood Deck

You Should Prepare Your Deck For Winter (even if it doesn't need sealing!)

Spring Deck Prep Tips

Furniture - Choosing, Repair and Decor Considerations

Simple Furniture Refreshing - Bring Old and New Furniture Together

Oak is the Best Wood for Home Furnishings

Oak... the King of Hardwood Furniture

Decorating and Home Decor

20 Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen AND Add Value to Your Home

Top 7 Fireplace Decorating Tips

Decorate your concrete:  Staining Ideas for the Do-it-yourselfer

Using raised plaster stencils for decorating

Understanding color psychology helps home makers choose colors for home decorating

Backyard Getaways... outdoor decor

Coastal retreats... bring home the sea with color!

Dorm room decorating

Home... the family haven

Thanksgiving... think outside the box!!

Painted kid's projects spread holiday cheer!

Add color to your kitchen!

Welcome to the shades of spring and summer!

Creating a romantic outdoor space

Sell your home in a jiffy!

Add mountain flair to your own retreat!

Welcome to the shades of fall and winter

Concepts for Family Media Rooms

Today's Great Garages

Color trends for spring and summer

"Decking out" your outdoor areas

Making an entrance: "Curb Appeal" ideas that extend inside the home

Remodeling trends offer personalization and longevity

Painting 101: Select the right sheen for your paint project

Color And Light... how the sun and artificial light affect color choices

Create the right splash with bathroom accessories