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Painted Kids Projects Spread Holiday Cheer

by Gail McCauley

As the holiday time clock continues to tick, relaxation is premium and appears to be at a minimum!

Every precious moment seems to be occupied with shopping, parties and preparing our homes for visiting family members and guests. Taking a minute to enjoy a project with the little ones around us is one refreshing way to “stop to holiday time clock”, if only for a brief period of time!

Painted crafts are creative, do-it-yourself projects for a child of any age. Simple and inexpensively fashioned, applying paint color to a desired object offers a personalized way for a child to celebrate the holiday season. In addition to the sense of accomplishment derived from designing and creating their own gift, children can experience the joy of giving their project to a favorite friend, relative, neighbor, teacher, or coach. Select a comfortable and appropriate painting surface, then set aside a block of time when you will not let yourselves be disturbed. Then... create!!

Regardless of their age or level of expertise, a painted piece of art rests at the fingertips of every child who desires the experience of creating a custom treasure! Young children can design “home-made” holiday welcome signs for interior doors that are fashioned from inexpensive poster board. Holiday signs can be as simple or as elaborate as the child wishes to create. Family surname and family members names can be painted, as well as specific hobbies and interests that are enjoyed by the family or the individual.

Preschoolers and beginning elementary age children can paint a holiday design and apply free-hand letters to the welcome sign, using the recipients name. Embellish with colorful matting, exciting borders, fanciful stickers and whimsical trims, to create a unique and personalized gift that can be enjoyed by any recipient at any age! A holiday welcome sign can also be used as a wall hanging or displayed on a fireplace mantel beside the family stockings.

With the application of paint color, older children can transform an inexpensive terracotta garden pot into an intriguing storage vessel that can be utilized to house small objects. The more advanced child crafter may opt to apply stencils to the smooth surface of the pot, creating innovative borders and patterns.

Personalizing ordinary canvas tote bags (a perfect gift for “moms on the go” or busy teachers) and plain t-shirts (a budget friendly choice for any friend or family member) with painted motifs becomes a cheerful challenge when fashioned in the spirit of the holiday season! To achieve the most effective project results, remember to consult with a paint expert regarding appropriate selection of paint products for the intended project surface.

Although snatching a memorable moment for yourself and your child can be easily accomplished, it will not quickly be forgotten. With paint color and tools in hand, designing a meaningful craft project for that special someone will allow both adult and child to savor the pleasure of “creating and giving” during this year's busy holiday season!

Gail McCauley for the
Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute

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