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Sell Your Dwelling in a Jiffy
with Inspiring Exterior Painting

As the current school year winds down and homeowners enjoy the solace contained within the framework of their individual homes, there is no time like the present to benefit from “all-time low” interest rates and upgrade the family's number one investment: the home. However, before you place the “for sale” sign in front of your existing residence, there are several cosmetic adjustments that aid in expediting the rapid sale of the structure. Although many folks consider sprucing up the home's interior, far fewer homeowners explore the immediate advantages associated with treating exterior surfaces and surrounding areas of the home to a refreshing update in paint color palette.

All realtors acknowledge that a first impression can either make or break the sale of a home.

What better way to make a glowing first impression than by applying fresh color to the home's exterior? Without committing to a large investment in time or finances, it is possible to rejuvenate distinct exterior areas of the home using quality paint products. Budget permitting, consider either repainting the entire home exterior using the existing color scheme, or alter the paint color palette to reflect an updated version of “traditional” neutral hues. A quick and simple exterior paint project focuses on repainting window and door trim using a dominant existing hue that is several tones deeper, to reflect an elegant monochromatic look. Easily accomplished in a weekend, consider painting a lackluster front door using a bold combination of hues that contrast with the home's existing background color. A two-tone color partnership represents an effective choice for a front door containing more than one panel and coordinating trim. Regardless of the project, always use top quality 100% acrylic paints for the best durability and color retention.

Eye-catching exterior painting can increase curb appeal!

Adding innovative color to exterior decorative elements that adjoin the home can also produce an enormous difference in the way your home is perceived by a perspective buyer. For example, an attached front deck that wraps around the perimeter of the home can function as the exterior focal point, showcasing today's most exciting color palettes. A color scheme consisting of rich clay color, mustard gold, spicy cinnamon and mossy green mimics the landscape as well as highlights one of today's fastest growing color groupings for home interiors- earthy naturals. You may opt to apply this combination of colors to the entire outdoor living space; including the entire deck structure, furnishings and decorative accessories. A particularly attractive choice amongst nondescript, single color homes; unique texture can also be strategically incorporated with the application of dimensional specialty paint techniques.

Scour your neighborhood for interesting exterior color palettes that blend harmoniously with your home's existing architecture as well as the natural, outdoor landscape. Then decide on the type of “color overhaul” you wish to give to the exterior of your existing home. Regardless of whether you opt for a major project (repainting the entire exterior of the home) or a minor renovation (highlighting existing doors and window trim with color), your home is sure to provide a clean and stylish first impression to potential buyers and all who enter!

Gail McCauley for the 
Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute

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