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Your Home... Your Family Haven

by Gail McCauley

As today's homes are as interesting and diverse as the families that inhabits each residence. Reflecting the recent surge in home improvement projects, paint offers a budget friendly method of highlighting interests that are unique to each family in a functional and aesthetic manner. Regardless of the architectural style, size or age of the home, do-it-yourselfers are increasingly turning to quality paint products to add value to the place where they relax and enjoy the company of family and friends.

Exploring favorite family pastimes and how the group spends time, will help dictate color choices, as well as potential surfaces that can be enhanced with the addition of paint color. For example, a young family with small children may opt to establish a cheerful color scheme by implementing a festive color palette that encourages learning and play time. Bright paint colors can be applied to door and window trims or used to unify mismatched furnishings.

A family that enjoys frequent international travel may prefer to implement a grouping of colors reflecting eclectic tones that enrich the treasured collectibles purchased during memorable trips. Vivid colors are particularly dramatic when used to spotlight accent walls or the inside of open shelving units where collectibles are often highlighted.

A hand painted mural recalling seaside scenes from favorite family vacations adds drama to a designated wall within the great room. Families that enjoy ongoing camping excursions can achieve the illusion of a favorite woodsy cabin by painting faux log walls in the basement area. The possibilities to incorporate color and design amongst paintable surfaces are limited only by the imagination!

Practically any surface is a potential paint candidate that is worthy of assisting with the design of a distinctive family haven. Instead of a incurring the expense to replace a noticeably defective family room floor, the application of a distinctive paint technique can mask unsightly damages in hard floor coverings ranging from wood to concrete or vinyl.

Homeowners who adore the look of textured wallpaper but lack the financial resources and expertise to install this type of wallcovering can pursue additional design options. Many dimensional looks and motifs that are found in today's hottest wallpaper styles can be mimicked by paint enthusiasts using special effect paint techniques which offer dramatically similar looks for a fraction of the price! Capable of creating old world charm and other distinctive looks, decorative paint techniques are increasingly being applied to wall coverings to camouflage unsightly markings.

Carefully considered painted surfaces add color and style to today's homes. As growing numbers of homeowners choose to utilize their residence for extended relaxation and entertainment, the addition of paint and color provides an ideal way to highlight unique preferences. There is little substitute for the customization that a personalized paint color scheme adds to any dwelling. Regardless of whether the home investment is long or short term, the decision to invest in a quality and innovative paint color scheme lends style and practicality to the contemporary family haven.

Gail McCauley for the
Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute

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