How To Install A Faucet

Does it drip... look really ugly?  No... I mean the faucet!

Faucet installation is not what it used to be... thank goodness!  The do-it-yourself revolution has made faucet installation easier than ever.  In fact, a new faucet installation may require little more than a single adjustable crescent wrench and determination.

But there are potential problems.  Even though most faucets today come with very thorough instruction manuals, installations can still be tricky... especially when you have to remove the old faucet first!

So we will focus on the basics and offer some solutions, while giving you a little insight into just what it takes to install a new faucet.  Then you can decide if this project is for you!

The Delta single-handle kitchen faucet (with a sprayer attachment) is one of the most commonly used faucet types, making it a good subject for our study.

By the way, this information is relevant for bathroom faucets, too!  The major difference is that the "pop-up" stopper assembly is usually replaced in a bath faucet installation to match the bright new faucet.  These additional parts come with most bath faucets except for the really "bare bones" kits!

Part 1: Looking at your old faucet... surprise!

Part 2: The hardest part... removing the old faucet!

Part 3: Clean up the sink... yuck!

Part 4: Hallelujah... Time to install the new faucet!

For the record, we have a good relationship with Delta but they did not donate the faucet, nor did we receive any advertising compensation for using it.