How To Install A Faucet

Part 3:  Clean up the sink... YUCK!

Once you remove the faucet from the sink, you may be quite shocked at the mess it has left behind.  Years of cleaning and wear tends to leave a "ring" where the faucet once was.  The bases of all the older and many new faucets are set with plumber's putty, which must be removed before the new faucet is installed.

If the new faucet covers the same real estate as the old one, your cleaning chores will be less arduous, since the new putty or faucet gasket will compensate for slight amounts of yuck.

If your faucet is smaller than the original, you will need to do a better job of cleaning to remove the old "ring around the faucet".  Try these tips, but  sometimes there is no way to make these "marks of age" completely disappear!

The next part of this series of articles will show the glorious results of our cleanup efforts!

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