How To Install A Faucet

Part 1:  Looking at your faucet... surprise!

Depending on the day and my supply of aspirin... getting under the kitchen cabinet can be the hardest part of the job!  Oh for a shrinking pill (Go ask Alice... I think she'll know)!

Looking up from underneath the sink, you will see a typical faucet's underbelly.  To the left is the sprayer hose emerging from the bottom of the sprayer base.  Next is one of the two faucet mounting bolts with a wide washer and nut.  In between the two mounting bolts are three copper connections... the hot and cold inlet tubes and the spray hose nipple.

This is not the only possible configuration you may see.  Some upper-crust faucets have physically separate spouts and shutoffs.  Others utilize combination mounting bolts and inlet nipples... short threaded pipes that do "double duty".

Here are drawings these three common types...

These drawings provided
courtesy of  Delta Faucets