Who is the Natural Handyman and why is he here?

The Natural Handyman (NH), a.k.a. Jerry Alonzy, is a professional handyman in and around Canton, CT. Home repair has been a big part of his life for over to 35 years. His work has encompassed many crafts, and he has performed tens of thousands of home repairs. He has had the honor of serving thousands of people, many who have remained both customers and friends.

As the years passed, a simple theme emerged from his daily struggle with widgets and thingamabobs…the professional handyman, the do-it-yourselfer and the "weekend warrior" share one reality. All must have their ears and eyes open, and always be ready for a surprise! Many tradesmen have the luxury of doing a few basic tasks over and over... and they develop enviable skill and prowess! The handyman doesn't have this luxury. He must be ready to learn and relearn an infinite number of varied tasks every day.

NH wants to pass on this melding of skill and philosophy to you! Your growing knowledge and developing survival instinct will merge to keep you out of harm's way. You will develop a new confidence in your hands-on abilities. Your new know-how, coupled with patience and cautious optimism, will yield great self-satisfaction… and the benefit of 'things' actually getting done around the house!

With the variety of products on the market, and the endless number of things that can go wrong in a home, there is no room for OVERconfidence! And again, unlike a 'trade' with well-defined codes and rules and schooling, handymanship is akin to an amateur acrobat flying back and forth between crafts without a net! Hopefully, you'll love every minute of it.

You've heard the expression "Jack of all trades and master of none"? Look in the mirror. Hi, Jack! Or Jill! Gender just doesn't matter in this game. So join NH and take "Murphy's Law" as a lesson for success, rather than as an excuse for failure.

This website has two primary goals...

The information provided here will be very detailed on some topics, depending to some degree on the complexity of the repair. As the potential for screw-ups increases, we'll go for a little more detail to try to keep you out of trouble. We believe that people miss the opportunity to do more professional work every day. Our goal is to present you not only the basic truths of handymanship but also that "something extra" you may need to rise to your highest level of performance.


1) Don't ever assume that a job is going to run 'by the book' just because it may have in the past.

2) Always plan for the unexpected and the unexpected is less likely to happen.

3) The more adventurous you become in handymanship, the more you learn.

4) Always have a fallback plan in case of natural or unnatural disaster.

5) Know your limitations, but know that by stretching a bit beyond those limitations, you will extend your reach.

6) Know when to have a helper. (Note: "This is the rule I break the most! How about you?" NH)

7) Measure twice and cut once. Assume that you will make mistakes, but try to minimize them by good overall planning.

8) Think of yourself as a professional in everything that you do, and you will be one.

9) Find people you trust whose brains you can pick for information and advice.

10) In the end, you must learn to trust your own judgment. Don't forget that "the buck" stops with you!

11) Be conservative in your repairs- in other words, don't cause more damage than you need to get the job done.

12) Be curious. Let yourself try something new today. Try it, fit it, adjust it, move it, love it. Do it and be free as a child.

Last but not least, why is he called the "natural" handyman? Click HERE!!