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Using Firewood To Heat Your Home

Though not for everyone, using firewood as a primary or alternative energy source has many attractive qualities.  If you live in a heavily wooded area, you can often burn wood from your own or your neighbor's properties.  And after a major storm, there is often more firewood available than you could ever use!

Here are a few articles on firewood selection, cutting, safety issues and more... all to help you decide whether or not burning firewood is right for you and your lifestyle!

A Guide to Safe and Healthy Woodburning

Cutting Your Own Firewood - preparing and storing firewood

Chainsaw Sharpening Techniques

Use Your Chainsaw Safely

Firewood too long for your stove??  Shorten it with our homemade cutting rack!

Selecting Firewood - choosing the right wood for efficient and thorough burning

Purchasing, Using and Maintaining the Outdoor Fireplace... the Chiminea

Chimney Fires, Causes and Cures

Top 7 Fireplace Decorating Tips

Fireplace Screens are as Individual as the Homeowner