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A Glossary of Water Filter Terms and Definitions – Filtering out the Confusion

by Gareth Marples

Have you done any research on the science and technology of water filters? Have you been doing your homework, preparing to buy the right water filtration system to fit your lifestyle? If you have, then you've probably been buried in technical terms. This glossary of water filter terms and definitions will filter out your confusion.

We're going to turn the confusing terms into simple explanations here. So relax and take it all in.

There – that should do it. We've covered the different types of water filters, along with the contaminants that make if necessary to have a water filter. And we've also covered the different types of systems in different geographical areas. We've filtered out the confusion so you can choose the water filter that best suits your location and your lifestyle.

Take your expertise and get that water filter installed, no matter which one it is. Then sit down, relax and be confident that you're drinking safe, pure water.

About the author: Gareth Marples provides valuable tips and advice for consumers. His numerous articles offer moneysaving tips and valuable insight on typically confusing topics.

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