Water Filtration, Purification and Treatment

We use it to wash ourselves and drink it when thirsty.  We use it for cooking, to cool ourselves and even have fun it in!  Water is truly "wet and wild", but nowadays there are fears that some stuff in our water may not be very healthy!  Some of it is naturally occurring in well or surface water, such as minerals.  Some is added to our water in the name of health and safety, such as chlorine and fluoride, or occur as natural chemicals in our water react with the pipes in our homes or in the city mains.

These articles relate to the safe use of water and how to make whatever source of water we use... municipal water or well water... safer for our families!

We'll be adding more articles from time to time!

How water filters work

Glossary of water filtration terms and definitions

The history of water filters

Removing hydrogen sulfide from water (rotten egg smell)