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Keep Your Swimming Pool In Top Shape... Safety First!

Pool boyI've lived around swimming pools most of my life.  The most interesting and difficult years were those where I had the sole responsibility of pool care and feeding!

Despite the fact you can find pools for sale at reasonable prices, you should not be "cheap" when it comes to safety!  "Safety First" means more than just the danger of pool accidents or even drowning   Misuse of chemicals can also be a health hazard.  Too little and bacteria and algae can grow wildly.  Too much and our pools can become eye-irritating at least... dangerous at worst!

We're begun posting articles related to pool care and safety, with more to come.  Hopefully your pool ownership experience will be as joyful and fulfilling as was mine.            NH

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Maintaining and understanding pool chemistry

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Swimming Pool Conservation... save money and energy!

Pool Safety... a national tragedy being addressed by the CPSC in 2004!

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