ENERGY STAR® ® Calculator Shows
How Pool Pumps Can Save Hundreds of Dollars
in Yearly Energy Costs

by Robert Huang, Lauren Mattison of Cadmus and Steve Ryan, EPA ENERGY STAR® Program

The ENERGY STAR® program, run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is well known for promoting energy-saving products including refrigerators, TVs, and air conditioners. In 2013, ENERGY STAR® started certifying in-ground pool pumps. Pumps that have earned ENERGY STAR® certification can run at set different speeds (i.e., two-speed pumps) or be programmed to operate at the appropriate speed (i.e., variable speed pumps).   By using lower speeds, ENERGY STAR® certified pool pumps can save homeowners hundreds of dollars every year.  Since the certification of pool pumps began in February 2013, more than 100 pool pump models have earned the ENERGY STAR® , including models made by leading manufacturers such as:

NOTE: ENERGY STAR® certified pool pumps are limited to in-ground residential pool pumps between 0.5 and 4 horsepower.

ENERGY STAR® Pool Pump Calculator Makes the Case for Efficiency

As with many advanced, more efficient products, ENERGY STAR® certified pool pumps cost more to purchase.  However, that incremental cost is easily recovered in energy savings in less than 2 years.  ENERGY STAR® has created a savings calculator to make it easy for pool professionals and home owners to see the benefits of an ENERGY STAR® certified pool pump.  The calculator, available at, allows you to estimate potential savings based on these inputs shown in Figure 1 (below):

Figure 1: Sample of the ENERGY STAR Pool Pump Calculator Input Page

If any of these inputs are not known, the calculator defaults to values vetted by industry experts.  Pool pump professionals and other advanced users can see all of the calculations and adjust assumptions such as energy factor and flow rates. Pump costs and utility rebates can also be entered to determine the net savings and payback period for the ENERGY STAR® ® pump.

As shown in the calculator results page in Figure 2 (below), an ENERGY STAR® certified pool pump can:

Figure 2: Sample of the ENERGY STAR Pool Pump Calculator Results Page

In addition to these savings, many electric utility companies offer rebates to customers who buy ENERGY STAR® certified pool pumps.  As shown in Figure 3, these utility incentives range from $100 to $400.  Please check with you local utility to see if you can receive an incentive by choosing an ENERGY STAR® pump and submitting a simple application form.

It's a No Brainer to Buy ENERGY STAR®

In addition to thousands of dollars in lifetime savings and generous utility incentives, ENERGY STAR® certified pool pumps are also quieter and last longer than conventional pool pumps – making them an easy choice for new or replacement pool pumps.  See lists of certified pool pumps and learn more at