Vinyl and Linoleum Repair and Removal Tips

It's hard to believe.  Just a few seconds ago your new floor looked great and then...OOPS!

The problem with vinyl and linoleum is that they are not designed to be repaired so any defect is likely to still look like a defect till you replace the entire floor!  However, there are some stop-gaps you can try to make your damaged floor a little more presentable while you save up your nickels and dimes!

As a bonus, I've added a couple of removal articles 'cause you do-it-yourselfers love the destruction as much as the construction!  Bon appetite!

What is the easiest way to strip a sheet vinyl floor (with notes on asbestos)?

Can new sheet flooring be installed over old flooring?

The vinyl flooring is curling up!! Can it be repaired?

Our vinyl flooring has a dirty yellow stain that has appeared under a throw rug.  What is it, and can it be removed?

How do you repair a small damaged spot in a vinyl or linoleum floor?

Safely removing asbestos-containing "cut back" adhesives from wood or cement surfaces from the Resilient Floor Covering Institute