The Nuts 'n Bolts of Nails, Screws, Anchors and Other Fasteners

A handyman's toolbox would not be complete without a potpourri of screws, nuts, bolts and various anchors overfilling coffee cans and well-worn cardboard boxes.  I've joked with my clients that you could ALWAYS find at least one matching bolt or nut in my truck for any repair.  What do you expect after my hoarding of diy "leftovers" for a few decades!  But don't look for two that match... a trip to the hardware store might be in order!

These articles have lots of useful info on fasteners and we hope they will be helpful in getting your project to withstand the tests of time... and gravity!

Nails... Proper Sizing and Predrilling Considerations

Using Pilot Holes For Wood Screws with Pilot Hole Size Table

Removing "one-way" security screws and "stripped" screws

Identify Your Fastener with this graphic "Fastener Type Chart"

How to measure the length of fasteners

All About Anchors including mollys, toggles, plastic anchors and more

U.S. To Metric Conversion Table

Calculators for Length, Area, Weight and Volume