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Using A Molly Setting Tool (a.k.a. Polly Setter) To
Install Molly Bolts Without A Screwdriver

There is a pliers-like tool known as a molly setting tool, or molly setter, that can be used to expand mollies without the use of a screwdriver.  The tool pulls the screw head straight out, expanding the legs.  This tool is a real timesaver for a pro, but is somewhat expensive for the weekend molly installer!

It works in a similar fashion to a pop rivet tool.

Perhaps the best reason to use this tool instead of a screwdriver is there is no "torsion" or twisting force on the molly head.  The head of a molly bolt has two sharp points that dig into the drywall to hold it in place while you turn the screw.  Unfortunately, turning the screw can cause the molly to spin, especially if the installation point has been repaired before OR if you are installing the molly on a hard surface such as on a hollow-core door.  With the tool, you can install a molly on most any surface... drywall, wood or even metal! (On hard surfaces, you can bend the points inward to get a more flush fit.)

Want to buy a molly setter for yourself?

When you do a search, use the words "polly setter" as well as "molly setter".  One manufacturer calls their mollies "pollys".  Must be a copyright or trademark issue!

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