Interior and Exterior Door Repair, Installation and Adjustment

Miscellaneous Tips, Tricks And Tweaks To Keep Your Doors Working Right!

Choosing and Installing a Security Chain or Latch on Your Door

Determining the "swing" or "hand" of a door...

Repairing doors that don't close properly due to rubbing

Repairs for doors that don't latch when closed

Door will not close due to 1) the lock is rubbing
or 2) the integral door edge weatherstripping is binding

My door squeaks. What is the best lubricant to use?

My bathroom door closes by itself! What can I do to repair it?

I want to order a new prehung door. How do I tell if I need a left-hand or right hand door?

How do you repair pocket doors? My bathroom door jams and sometimes goes off the track.

How to replace the rollers on a patio door

What is the correct place to put the door knobs or pulls on my bifolding doors?

My folding doors don't work right any more?  How about some troubleshooting hints, NH? (COMING SOON!)

The laminate on my flush (smooth-faced) doors is separating from the body of the door?  How did this occur and can it be repaired? (COMING SOON)