Options for Painting Over Plastic Contact Paper

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Dear NH,

Can I paint over contact paper? I really don't want to try to strip it unless I absolutely have to.


Dear M,

Painting over any glued-on coating, whether it is contact paper or wallpaper, is not my first preference. But I "feel your pain" and know that once you start trying to strip it, you are committed to what may be a humongous project!

Contact paper can be painted over but an appropriate primer must be used. Ordinary oil or latex paints will not stick very well, so a quality primer-sealer is essential for a long-lasting job and an eminently paintable surface! One consideration in your choice of primer is its chemical makeup… you have to be careful not to use a paint that will chemically react with the plastic or seep into the seams and dissolve the glue! We do not want to make more work for ourselves! My suggestion is to first use a water-based stain killing primer, available at any hardware or paint store. These chemical wonders are designed to stick to virtually any clean surface, giving you that "eminently paintable surface"! Glass, glossy paints and even plastic laminate countertops and cabinets are all within its scope!

Be sure to clean the contact paper before painting especially if you think there might be any oil or grease on it. Don't spare the elbow grease… even these special primers will fail if painted over dust, dirt or oils. Use any cleaner you want that is safe for contact paper... just thoroughly rinse and dry the contact paper before priming.  Don't under any circumstances use sandpaper to roughen the surface. The abrasions you cause might make the surface visibly rough. You could even tear the contact paper!

NOTE:  Since this Q&A was written, Krylon has developed a paint that is designed to adhere to most plastics with minimal surface prep and no priming.  It is available in both spray cans and brush-on, though the brush-on version has a smaller color selection.