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Masonry Repair Q&A

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Dear NH,

I own a brick home built in 1906. In a few places, someone has drilled holes in the mortar. I would like to fill/repair these holes. Any suggestions on a quick and easy way to repair these holes without re-tuck pointing? I've seen a concrete repair substance available in caulk form. Something similar would be great. Thanks!

TJ from Denver, CO


Tuck pointing, the restoration of deteriorating mortar between the bricks, is somewhat overkill for this sort of repair. Instead, purchase a small container of cement patching compound at any hardware store. Mix a small quantity with water… minimum 2 cups for proper mixing… and push it into the holes, smoothing the patch with your finger. You can also use a sponge for final smoothing. There is no need to spread the patch much beyond the immediate area of these holes.

Don't use caulk... it will not even slightly resemble the mortar!


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