Repair/ Clear Fog or Steam from Insulated Glass Q&A

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Dear NH,

We have at least 8 large (29" X 56") insulated glass windows that have fogged up since we moved into our new home 2 years ago. Short of getting them replaced, has anyone ever tried drilling a couple holes on the inside pane and either blowing air through or inserting some sort of heating element to dry out the inside? Thereafter a little caulk could seal the holes. I understand that this is not a great solution but the cost of replacement is staggering!

T from Chalfont, PA

Dear T,

Insulated glass is tempered, and cannot be drilled... it will shatter. So any egress between the panels would have to be through the spacer between the two panes.

There is a process that has been available for a few years and seems to be having success.  The installer puts a valve in the spacer which allows the condensation to escape, but does not allow more moisture in.

Their website is  So far, the product is only available to professional installers, but as time goes by we hope that it will also be available to do-it-yourselfers!


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