Simple Steps to Maintaining Outdoor Tools and Equipment with WD-40®

Courtesy the WD-40 Company

Garden tools and equipment can last a lifetime if steps are taken to keep them clean and rust-free.

Cleaning and protecting garden tools with a multi-purpose spray lubricant will significantly extend their working life. This is especially important for those tools that get the most rugged and frequent use in the garden whether it's a lawnmower, hoe or pruning shears.

A spray from a product such as WD-40 on gardening equipment like mower blades, clippers and shears, will form a protective coat that not only keeps grass and debris from sticking but also provides protection from the elements. Ultimately better, longer-lasting results without costly repairs or the expense of buying new tools.

A product like WD-40 works well on shovels, sprinkler heads, rakes, and wheelbarrows as a light lubricant, rust preventative and cleaner.

WD-40 is often used to coat tools before storing them and is also beneficial against rain and water damage because it prevents rust. Over the years, various gardening enthusiasts have written to the WD-40 Company with more uses for the product, including the following:

  • Removes price tags from tools
  • Wipes away sap, grease and dirt
  • Protects tools from caustic fertilizer and garden chemicals
  • Keeps garden tool handles from splintering
  • Protects terra cotta pots and other items from oxidation
  • Apply to snow shovels and snowblowers to reduce rust and protect surfaces

Dedicated gardeners know that regular cleaning and lubrication of tools is worth the effort. Gardeners know how hard it is to find that perfect shovel, those amazing pruning shears and that trusty lawnmower. Properly maintained gardening equipment can bring a lifetime of good service.

Don't pack up your WD-40 in the fall.  Us it on your snowblower and snow shovel, too!  It will help ice and snow to slide off and protect their surfaces from rust.

WD-40 Company, with headquarters in San Diego, is a leading player in the global market for multi-purpose lubricants and general maintenance products.
WD-40 Company produces multi-purpose lubricants, WD-40 and 3-IN-ONE®, as well as the Lava® brand of heavy-duty hand cleaners.