Window Maintenance, Repair and Replacement

Windows are our...well,  "windows" to the world.  From within our homes, we can safely observe the bear and her cubs tipping over our over-full trash can... or a skunk adding its unique bouquet to our pitiful yelping dog.  We can watch the grass grow, or our children play!

Our amazing windows keep us both warm and cool.  They keep the bugs out, but not the light.  Or even filter the light so our expensive furniture doesn't fade from the sun's powerful rays.

But windows don't last forever.  Baseballs can turn them to a glistening pile of rubble.  Old age can make insulated glass become cloudy and almost opaque!  Glazing dries up and falls out.  What's a mother to do!

Every handyman knows that knowledge is his most powerful tool.  Learn and let your windows again light up your life!

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