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water heater tankcYour lowly water heater is one of the top energy gluttons in your home (next to our darling children leaving all the lights on and the doors open).  Yet, a little knowledge, some minor adjustments and simple maintenance can keep more of your dollars in your wallet!

Following is a selection of articles by NH and other contributors to help you keep your water heater and your wallet under control!

Exploded view of electric water heater

Exploded view of gas water heater

Purchasing and maintaining your tank-style water heater... tips from a pro!

Should you invest in a solar water heater?

Energy efficient water heating... a primer

Lower the thermostat on your water heater and save money!

Draining the sediment from your water heater

Replaced the "stock" drain valve on your water heater for better sediment removal

Selecting a new water heater... a primer

Tankless water heaters... are they for you?

Selecting a tankless water heater.

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