Tool Rentals for the DIY Weekend Warrior

by Joseph Truini

There are many rewards that come from being an active do-it-yourselfer. First and foremost, there's the sense of pride and accomplishment you feel from doing your own home repairs and improvements. And, of course, you can save a considerable sum of money by doing it yourself. But there's another less obvious reason for joining the DIY nation: Working on your home and yard provides the perfect opportunity to use tools.

It doesn't matter if the tool is small or large, quiet or noisy (though noisy is more fun)—we're always happiest when using tools. Any reason to tool-up seems to satisfy some "must-use-tool" mantra that's woven deep within our complex genetic code. And having the right tool for the job only makes the outcomes better and the process more enjoyable. There's no denying it: We love tools!

But (sigh!) you probably can't own 'em all!

It's not always sensible, practical or even desirable to own a particular tool. There are many times when you'll only need a tool for a very specific job or for just a short period of time. And if you are an apartment or condominium dweller, you may just not have the space to store all the tools you might need!

Home improvement writer Steve Willson has rented many tools over the years, including ones that would be impractical to buy. "On more than one occasion I've rented a drywall lift, plate compactor and electric chipping hammer," explains Willson, adding, "And I'll likely rent them again, but I don't use them often enough to justify purchasing them."

For those instances, it makes much more sense to rent the tool rather than buy it.

Rental Roundup

If you're new to tool rentals, you'll be surprised at the wide variety of tools, machines and equipment available for rent by the hour, day, week or month. Depending on availability, you can rent everything from simple hand tools, such as post-hole diggers and bolt cutters, to portable power tools, like circular saws, cordless drills or belt sanders.

Many specialty machines, such as stump grinders, insulation blowers, floor sanders and sod cutters are also available for rent. Some stores even rent flatbed trucks, moving vans and heavy equipment such as excavators and backhoes.

Share the costs... rent with a friend!

Renting tools can benefit more than one homeowner too, as noted by home improvement author Fran Donegan: "Our next-door neighbor asked me to help lift a rented rotary tiller out of her car trunk. When my wife found out, she suggested we split the rental fee with our neighbor and use it to till up our garden, too."

The rental departments at most home-improvement centers carry tools from nearly 20 different categories, including some of the most common tool types for DIY homeowner projects like:

Concrete Work Tool Rental Tips

Woodcutting Tool Rental Tips

Rotary Drill and Demolition Hammer Rental Tips

Lawn and Garden Tool Rental Tips

Floor Repair Tool Rental Tips

About the author: Joe Truini is a home improvement expert who writes about a variety of topics related to carpentry and plumbing. Joe is also the author of numerous DIY books, including the best-selling "Building A Shed". To learn more about renting tools like those referenced by Joe, please visit the Home Depot website. All photos courtesy of Joe Truini or Makita.