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Reinstalling a Toilet on a Raised Floor

We just added a new tile floor in our bathroom. The floor is about an inch higher than it was before. Is there anything special I need to do to reattach the toilet?

You must to compensate for the extra distance between the floor flange and the base of the toilet. In order for the wax to properly seal the toilet to the floor flange, the wax must compress between them  Too thin a ring will eventually (if not immediately) begin to seep water and destroy your floor... perhaps even the ceiling below!

The solution is to use two wax rings stacked together... one neoprene reinforced and one plain wax. Use the plain ring on the top (toilet), and the ring with the neoprene sleeve on the bottom (flange).  Press them together to so that they "bind" before installing. There are special kits available at most hardware stores to solve this problem.  The kits include either two wax rings (one neoprene and one without) or just one humongously thick ring.

NEVER use a single wax ring without a neoprene sleeve!!  The price difference is so small and the improved life of the seal is so great... OK, to be blunt it would be a bone-head move!!  Clear enough?

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