Can You Build Your Own Spa or Hot Tub!

Courtesy Custom Built Spas

Yes you can... but you'll need honest help!

Custom Built Spas is a Connecticut-based veteran-owned business established in 1999 by Gene Trumbull. Gene understands the desire and satisfaction fellow DIY (do-it-yourself) enthusiasts feel by being able to construct different kinds of projects by themselves.

What he also came to understand when he was looking into building his own hot tub was simply this... there was virtually no quality DIY information available anywhere for doing this type of project! Oh, sure, you could find a few videos on YouTube with all kinds of crazy ways to construct a spa or hot tub. But most of these "instructional videos" produced results you would not be proud to have in your backyard and, quite honestly, could be downright dangerous.

In addition, the information that you could find lacked important and essential details critical to someone working to complete a successful spa or hot tub project. Details like:

Armed with all that knowledge, Gene made it his mission and desire to turn building a spa or hot tub into a very doable, high quality DIY project, not only for himself but for other DIY enthusiasts as well... a mission successfully repeated over and over again for nearly two decades!

"The Spa Guy" Gene Trumbull

Gene's personal hot tub

Why rely on Custom Built Spas?

Gene has become one of the nations recognized leading authorities on spa, hot tub, swim spa, plunge pool, cocktail pool and exercise pool building. He has been interviewed by industry magazines such as Pool & Spa News and articles on his project manuals have been posted on several prominent "handyman" web sites over the last several years. He not only has countless customers complete projects in the US but customer completed projects around the world! 49 out of the 50 states and in 15 different countries to be exact.

Built in Canada

Built in Minnesota

Built in Colorado

Personalized service

What's so unique about what Gene and Custom Built Spas offers to anyone buying his spa, hot tub and swim spa building information package?

From the very beginning the goal of Custom Built Spas has been to give customers something they rarely get from any company or business... "FREE personal coaching help". It's this kind of personal service that has made Custom Built Spas the Internet's #1 source for spa, hot tub, plunge pool, cocktail pool and swim spa building information, bar none! Gene has shown thousands of customers, not just in the US, but around the world, how to save a ton of money on their spa, hot tub, cocktail pool, plunge pool or swim spa projects. And because the information he provides is so detailed, it doesn't even matter what your previous Do It Yourself skills are. The best part, anytime you have a question or need a little help, call or email Gene. He works with you until your spa, hot tub, plunge pool, exercise pool or swim spa project comes to life!

Whether you call it a spa, hot tub, Jacuzzi or whirlpool, or you would simply like to build your own plunge pool, cocktail pool, swim spa or exercise pool, Gene has a plan for you. It doesn't matter if you are an avid do it yourselfer or a home owner who needs design and build help for a custom spa, hot tub, swim spa or plunge pool project, Custom Built Spas is dedicated to helping you get exactly what you want. You'll get a finished project that will mirror any professionally built unit, as well as one that could add significant equity value to your home. In addition, you can take pride in the fact that you created a wonderful recreational environment for your whole family to enjoy and relax in with your own hands.

Beautiful projects at a fraction of the cost...

Over the years, a few of Gene's spa and hot tub building customers have gone on to build award winning projects that received industry attention.

Race car driver Roger N.

San Diego, CA

CEO Donnie B.

"Some of the projects my customers have created and completed over the years just blow my mind," Gene states. "Their experience with these types of projects range from little to none before getting started."

The detailed expertise provided by Gene makes this type of DIY project not only doable for just about anybody but also extremely affordable. "Customers are able to save as much as 80% of the cost of hiring a contractor by doing the project themselves."

Visit Gene's website and browse through his spa picture gallery, then read some of the customer testimonials he has received, you'll quickly see he is the real deal!