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Do It Yourself Home Soundproofing

from Jesse Barron of American Micro Industries, Inc.

With continued urban sprawl, homes are being built closer together and space is becoming more of a commodity. Neighborhoods are now being built close to noise polluting airports, under popular flight paths, near railroad tracks and other places that are not as peaceful and quiet as we wish them to be.

Dampening or eliminating the noise is now easier with do-it-yourself (DIY) kits offered by soundproof foam manufacturers. A variety of products are now on the market, including convoluted and non-convoluted foam, faced acoustical foam, polyimide foam, 100% fireproof melamine foam and closed cell acoustical foam.

In addition to considering soundproofing foam for your home, you should take the following important considerations to mind:

In recent years, DIY soundproofing kits have become more popular as families install home theaters. For just a few hundred dollars, you can purchase all of the material necessary to complete soundproof your room, with direct results being more brilliant and better sound. With 4' X 8' sheets of foam panel, you can quickly adhere the panels to your existing walls using Velcro dots that are easily removable without damage.

Some other helpful tips for soundproofing your home include:

In closing, there is one important thing to remember about soundproofing: you cannot overdo it!

About the author: Jesse Barron is a team member of American Micro Industries, Inc. (AMI). Since 1995, AMI has been manufacturing and globally
distributing a variety of quality soundproof foams. For more information on soundproofing or to purchase, visit our online marketplace at

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