Carbon Monoxide, Radon, Asbestos and Lead

Let the Natural Handyman guide you through the realities and the hype!


We all face danger in our homes every day.  The rollerblades on the hall floor can lead to a life-threatening fall.  The loose step on the back porch stairs may one day send Humpty tumbling down.  Tools we take for granted... the lawnmower, the chainsaw, the microwave... all have hints of danger we must not ignore. But sometimes, danger is a simple mist... a floating speck of dust... an invisible gas.

Each of the "sisters of doom"... carbon monoxide, radon, asbestos and lead... are potentially life threatening.  All of them have been shown to cause death.  All of them have been subject to government regulation.  But sometimes government and other doom-sayers can go overboard... get a little too excited and, as a result, throw the baby out with the bathwater!

Then there are those at the other end of the spectrum... dangerously lackadaisical when it comes to issues that are not black or white, and preferring inaction to partial action when presented with a confusing mass of data... as we most definitely have here!

Without knowledge there is no freedom...

It may be said that we humans are by nature slow to anger and even slower to act when the danger is unclear.  Hopefully these articles will offer some clarity... and a true freedom that comes from making decisions not from "feelings" but from knowledge.

As you read these articles you will vividly see how good intentions can sometimes produce unintended consequences.  Let's  try to find the middle ground where we can be skeptical of wild claims but at the same time protective of our lives and health.

About the articles...

Each of these articles has been written to stand alone.  I did this because I felt that each "sister" deserved it.  They all have a history and a relevance that should not be diluted by mushing them together.  And... please pardon any slight redundancies.  Thank you.


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