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Let the Natural Handyman put it away the NATURAL WAY!

Courtesy Aristocraft CabinetsLong ago, an unknown hominid (weary from the abuse he endured from his peers after inventing a silly roundish object he named a "wheel") was relaxing on his stone Barcalounger, sipping coconut milk. He noticed the clutter of stone tools, and his ball-and-chain's Mary Kay cosmetics on the floor, next to the pile of straw they called their bed. Suddenly, he realized that if he could find a way to pile them up vertically, they would take up less space. From this revelation came the concept of vertical storage, or in more modern lingo, SHELVING.

Even in my college days long ago (dodging saber tooth tigers on the way to Psychology 101), I appreciated the simple wonder of a good, sturdy shelf. We decorated foot-long sections of red clay pipe in fluorescent paint, stood them on our miserably inadequate desks, and lay foot-wide pine boards across them. We could pile them two or three high before putting ourselves in physical peril! Some of the kids used cement blocks instead, which had the advantage of neat built-in cubby holes!

Of course, that was then and this is now, and most of us who survived the sixties with our brains fairly well intact have moved on to more, shall we say, conventional shelving arrangements. And that is what we will discuss now. So hang up your madras shirt and love beads, and lets begin...

Simple Free-Standing Bookshelves

Heavy-Duty Garage and Basement Storage

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