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Asian Lady Beetles or "Lady Bugs"

Provided courtesy Triton Pest Control

Asian lady beetles, harmonia axyridis, are a nuisance to homeowners. They invade homes and buildings during the fall. Infestations may be very large and quite annoying.

This pest is about 1/4" long and 3/16" wide and come in a variety of colors from bright orange or a pale-yellow orange. They usually have spots on their wings. Occasionally you may run across a lady beetle that has not spots at all.

Introduced by the USDA to the US in 1916 and then again in 1964-1965 the Asian Lady Beetle control aphids. They are found through out the country. In more recent years they have become more prevalent in the north east.

Lady beetles are a beneficial insect. They feed on soft-bodies insects, i.e. aphids and scales. Adults are capable of consuming 90 - 270 aphids daily. The larva eat approximately 600 - 1,200 aphids daily.

During the fall the Asian Lady Beetle seeks a warm place to over winter. Usually they seek light rock cliff areas and homes located near open fields. Cracks and gaps in windows and doorways make an easy entry for these insects. You may encounter them clustered around windows and doors and ceilings. Do not crush this insect as it will stain surfaces. Your first line of control is repair any gaps, cracks and crevices around doors and windows. The use of pesticides is not recommended. Use a vacuum or sweep up the insect(s) and dispose of them or release them outdoors.

Lady beetles do not bite or sting and are not disease carrying. In the spring they will emerge and return to the great outdoors.

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