Side-Access Litterbox (Patent Pending)

Courtesy CR from Columbus, OH (Supplied drawing follows text)

Dear NH,

I have designed a new kitty litter box and I have a patent pending on my idea. I have three cats and I know that cats can make a real mess around the litter box, kicking litter, urinating over the edge, etc. It surprised me that I was the first to patent this idea: make the sides of the box higher, at least 15 inches. Cut a circle in one side so that the cat can get in and out. The cat will naturally enter the box, turn around and look out of the opening while he is doing his thing. Everything stays in the box.

I envision the box to be much like a plastic kitchen trash can for smaller cats, or it can be a large rectangular plastic tote for larger cats, only put a circular hole in one side. Put clumping kitty litter in it. Since it is one piece, there is no place to trap urine and feces. It is more sanitary than any litter box currently available. It is easy to clean.

I am hoping some plastic manufacturer will want to buy my idea and have a whole new product line. It should be very easy for a manufacturer to make a hole in a plastic tote or trash can. This item could cost pennies to make and sell for several dollars. I'm interested in your opinion. Thanks.

CR from Columbus, Ohio


It sounds like a great idea! It is similar in concept to the two-piece boxes with a top, but taking the lid on and off does lead to the possibility of spillage. I have used an over-sized litter box for years to keep the litter under control (I have two cats that share two litter boxes) and finally converted to the clumping style out of frustration.

I hope you are successful finding a manufacturer to produce your product. Perhaps you should approach companies who currently make or distribute litter boxes... maybe your invention will end up under some lucky cat's Christmas tree next year!

Happy Holidays to you… and all your cats!