Gardening and Landscaping Articles

"Great landscaping is like melted chocolate... it flows deliciously into everything around it!"  NH

As a boy, my family and I would spend part of each Sunday simply driving and sightseeing in our old gas guzzler... in those days known simply as "the Chevy".  One thing that always fascinated my mother was the finishing touch of landscaping could make an ordinary home extraordinary.  "Look at how that curved hedge brings out that lovely bay window, George", she would say to my father, or "I just love that cluster of trees there to the north side of that house".

As much as my mother loved other people's yards, she never had the knowledge or inspiration to make the most of our little corner lot.  And a shame it was, because a thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing yard can be both inexpensive and low maintenance.

Not that high maintenance is necessarily bad... it's just that everyone can't afford to have "Bjorn, the Yard Manicurist" visit weekly to keep the fast-growing topiary under control!  Hopefully some of these articles will help you create a "destination" for someone else's Sunday drive!

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