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Improving Humidifier and Dehumidifier Performance

Courtesy Appliance Factory Parts

Generally, any tricks and tips that apply to keeping heat in, will improve the performance and efficiency of a humidifier or dehumidifier.

You can more efficiently control your home's humidity level by:

  • Sealing doors and windows, and fireplaces that are not in use. Air leaks will allow moist outside air to enter your home!
  • Use tape or special window and door sealers/weatherstripping for door
  • Do not keep your humidifier/dehumidifier in a confined space.. make sure it is not being restricted by it's surroundings.  Hiding it behind furniture isn't the best idea!

Do not humidify over 50% !

Reduce setting if moisture forms on windows, walls, etc, or if there is dampness around the area of the humidifier. Recommended humidity levels are between 30-50%, this will vary on your personal comfort and the type of humidifier you own.

Conversely, don't let your dehumidifier too low... under 40% is unnecessary and wasteful of energy!

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