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Humidifier Cleaning and Maintenance

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General humidifier maintenance:

Disclaimer: Manufacturer's guidelines should be your first source of information, some maintenance issues may be model specific.

  • To reduce build up of scale, film, rust, and white humidifier dust, use water with a low mineral content or use a demineralization cartridge or filter.
  • Bacteria often grows in humidifiers which are equipped with tanks containing standing water, this is why it is important to replace the water regularly.
  • Follow manufacturer instructions for acceptable cleaning chemicals. Make sure to thoroughly rinse out the cleaning chemicals with water before use.
  • Thoroughly clean and dry your humidifier at the start and end of the season. Use humidifier cleaner and antibacterial solution to prevent and eliminate the build up of minerals, bacteria, etc.
    Note - We recommend that you clean the reservoir regularly during the heating season if the bacteria-control product you use allows it.
  • Your humidifier can be taken apart for cleaning - please check your owner's manual to learn the best technique for your unit.
  • You may have a problem with the float assembly getting stuck after the disuse of summer. To prevent this, clean the float assembly with vinegar or one of our humidifier cleaners when the heating season is over.
  • Do not allow film and scale to develop on your humidifier
  • Do not overextend the life of your humidifier filters, be sure to replace them when needed.

If you use a portable humidifier, here are some additional tips...

  • Be sure to unplug the humidifier before cleaning and maintenance.
  • Daily replace the remaining water from your tank with fresh water, and wipe down the entire humidifier surface. Try to clean out the humidifier tank with a brush if possible.
  • Clean portable humidifiers every third day or so. Remove scale, deposits, or film that has formed on the sides of the tank or on interior surfaces, and wipe all surfaces dry. How regularly you need to clean your humidifier will depend on the mineral content of your water and whether a demineralization cartridge or filter is used.

If your humidifier is mounted on your furnace...

  • If using a furnace mount humidifier, do not leave water in the tank for extended periods of time, make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions that came with your humidifier and clean regularly.

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