Real Estate Sales, Ownership and Investment

Whether your are selling your home yourself, using a "For Sale By Owner" (FSBO)type service or hiring a licensed realtor, three things are true for all home sales:

1) First impressions are everything... you want to make an impression on the buyer... and the realtor.

2) Be prepared for your home inspection by tying up all the loose ends and, if possible, unfinished projects!

3) Always tell the truth about your home's pluses AND minuses to the buyers... or face the consequences!

The fact is, even if you're NOT selling your castle, getting it "showroom-ready" (even if just on a monthly basis) will result in a more pleasant and smoother-working or playing space.  By letting the clutter collect and the projects fester, discomfort and unease grow where we should feel most comfortable an at ease... in our homes.

Read any of the following articles for more tips on preparation for a successful sale or purchase, and how to avoid the deal-breakers that may stand in your way!

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