Installing the Perfect Home Theater

by Ian Landon

There are a lot of movie lovers out there that take film seriously. But you do not have to be a movie connoisseur in order to enjoy a great film atmosphere right in our very own home. That's exactly what a home theater does for your friends and family. Low lights, a big projection screen, and a surround sound system will give you and your guests an exciting movie experience right in your home.

The sounds from all directions will make guests feel like they are in the film, and will elevate the overall movie experience. Installing high-end AV receivers and components will further enhance the sound quality from your speakers!

The Comfort Zone

Comfort is the unspoken hero of the home theater. While at the movies many of these subtleties may be overlooked, there is no limit to the amount of comfort and relaxation you can offer movie watchers in your home. Here are a few of the essentials necessary to cultivate a successful comfort zone.

Seats- This is a big one. Some people elect to purchase large leather couches to provide ultimate comfort, while others decide to go with more traditional row seating. Some of the row seating even has flip-up cushions and cup holders which add to the fun!

Headphones- This is a must-have if there will be multiple people doing different things in your home theater. This way one person can be playing video games and the other can be reading a nice audio book, completely undisturbed.

Decor- There are many ways to decorate your home theater. Some people go for a classic movie theater look with red vinyl, others go for a contemporary look. The choice is yours.

Tables- The most practical choice for a home theater is a set of coffee tables. They will not impede a person's view or comfort and can be a great place to put soda pop cans and popcorn. These can also serve as foot rests if you want them to.

The Hardware

No home theater is complete without the essential hardware. This equipment is designed to illuminate and amplify the senses of sight and sound, both of which are the primary tools used to enjoy a good film.

Amplifier - An amplifier increases the quality and volume of your theater's sound. Not matter what TV or speaker system you choose, you will need an amplifier as well. There are many options and choices out there for any budget.

Channels - A good system doesn't do much good unless you have a great selection of channels and movies to watch. Investigate the various cable and satellite television options. Prices can vary wildly between services, and bundling (combining internet service with telephone and cable tv) can save you a fortune each month. Also, look into some of the alternative services such as Netflix and Hulu for more quality content.

TV/Projector - Some people prefer projectors while others enjoy HD televisions. Either way, size matters, and its usually the bigger the better. TV screens are getting bigger all the time. Right now you can find a TV around 76in and some even available at more than 150in projectors still have advantages as well since they still project a larger screen and give that real live theater feeling.

Speakers - Speakers are an essential part of setting the right ambiance in your home theater. The sounds from all directions will make guests feel like they are in the film, and will elevate the overall movie experience.

No matter how you decide to decorate your home theater, make it your own. Do not be afraid to tweak and experiment with different ideas to see what works best for you.