7 Time-Saving Cleaning Tips That Will Save Your Sanity

by Liz Buckley

Cleaning is a form of therapy for some and regardless of where you live and what you're cleaning, cleaning can help cleanse your mind (See what we did there!) and it's a good way to get in some exercise. However, not everyone enjoys cleaning. To keep your place clean, it's a good idea to invest in the proper tools and appliances. You'll need a good amount of energy and patience to get the job done. Here are 7 time-saving cleaning tips to help you get the job done efficiently without too much effort.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a tough crowd and you'll need the best vacuum to get the job done, depending on your floor. Powerful vacuums such as canister or upright models are good candidates for easy cleaning.

Top tip: implement a 'no shoe policy' in your house! This means doormats at the entrance that need to be kept clean but in the long run, your floors will need much less TLC. Mats in the kitchen and bathroom will also help keep dirt and dust at bay and can be purchased for next to nothing at big stores like Walmart and Ikea.

Keeping tiles and countertops clean

For some reason, tiles in the bathroom and kitchen have a great relationship with grease and oil – you'll need a strong tile cleaner and lots of care to keep the tiles and grime apart. Watch out for cleaners with lots of harmful chemicals and always test cleaners in hidden areas where a ruined tile won't be noticed.
Alternatively, address this by wiping down your tiles regularly to avoid the accumulation of grease and oils.  If you have stone or granite countertops, there are three things you need to do. Firstly, dust regularly. Next, wipe them down with a wet cloth. Finally, avoid using the vinegar and baking soda mix to clean countertops as they could harm the countertop material.

Clean your appliances

Ah, stoves and ovens. The arch nemesis to many a house cleaner. Cleaning supplies for stoves and ovens are often not as effective as they are advertised to be and they're certainly not affordable. Try an alternative: a mix of warm water, borax and liquid soap can be used to get off tough stains. Simply spread the mixture over the stained area and wipe clean with a towel.
Is your washing machine or dishwasher serving up dirty dishes and clothes? Add two cups of white vinegar to the detergent dispenser and run the washing machine. Once that's done, add half a cup baking soda to the machine and run it again. For a dishwasher, use a toothbrush soaked in vinegar to clean the racks. Run the cycle with a cup of vinegar afterwards for extra cleaning.

Cleaning the sink

Sinks can harbor bacteria and pose a danger to your health if they are not cleaned on a daily basis. Just think about all the dirty dishes washed every day and the food and bacteria that sticks around afterwards. When cleaning your sink, some areas can be hard to reach by hand. Consider getting some cleaning tools such as a wire brush and various textured cloths to clean the sink properly.

Properly clean the windows

Dirty windows have a way of making the whole room appear dingy. They also block out natural light and honestly, who wants dirty windows? Circulate fresh air in your home by opening the windows during the day and schedule window cleaning at least once a month. You can either hire someone to clean the windows for you or invest in a window cleaner from the store. Feeling adventurous and looking to save a few pennies? Try a homemade mix of vinegar, water and dishwashing detergent to give your windows a nice shine. 

It is imperative to deal with mold and mildew

Mold is not only unsightly; it can also cause severe allergies and illnesses, and a variety of respiratory problems. Deal with mold and mildew as soon as possible to keep it from spreading further. Luckily, mold isn't too difficult to clean. Use a store bought detergent or a strong solution of 1 part bleach to 3 parts water and wipe the moldy area thoroughly. Let it sit for a while and rinse the infected area thoroughly. Be sure to air out the room after cleaning and keep children out of the house while doing this task. Top tip: get some humidifiers and set them in areas that are prone to develop mold. This will help keep the area dry. 

Clean your stainless steel appliances

A home-made method for cleaning steel appliances uses only vinegar and oil, two household items that you should already have in your possession. First, wipe your steel appliance down with vinegar, always ensuring that you wipe in the direction of the grain. Then wipe off the vinegar with a soft cloth. After this, polish the appliance with a cloth that has been dipped in oil. This method is sure to get your appliances looking brand new. You can also have that shiny coffee machine that the magazines show off – without having to spend a fortune on new high-end luxury appliances!

About the author: Liz is a part of the Content team at Best Vacuum Expert, sharing expert knowledge and best tips on how to have a clean house.