Items on Wire Shelving or Drawers Always Fall Over! Help!!

by Jerry Alonzy, the Natural Handyman

Wire shelving was a great invention... sturdy shelves that are both light-weight and easy to install.

However, one problem is that smaller items tend to fall over. This problem is especially serious if you have a wire drawer within a cabinet. Items can fall over and even fall off the drawer... not the end of the world but a pain in the butt for sure.

The easy solution is to put a solid base on (or within) the shelf or drawer!

Now, you could use thin plywood but you'd need to cut it to fit. In the kitchen, I'd bet that you would not want ugly plywood in your beautiful kitchen.

So, one day I had an epiphany! What about using crystal clear acrylic plastic instead. Needless to say, my wife (skeptical as she often is) was ecstatic! If you look at the graphic above, the plastic is nearly invisible and, better yet, catches any spills for easy cleaning.

All decent hardware stores sell clear acrylic sheets

Best thing is that, assuming you are good as measuring, the hardware store will cut it to the precise size you need. I would advise that you cut it a little smaller to be sure it fits okay... maybe 1/8" smaller in each dimension.