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Spin A Successful Web Site:  Quick and Painless Ways of Building / Maintaining
an Effective Web Site!

So you're thinking of building a Web site for your business??

Or perhaps you already have the site, but it's time to take it to the next level. What should it contain? How should you create it? Will everything fit? All good questions, but what are the next steps? Here are some quick and easy tips to make your Web site effective.

Speed is key.

If you are looking to build, the first thing to remember is speed. If you already have a site, consider reviewing your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The Internet isn't called the information highway for nothing—be fast or get passed. If your site takes too long to load and view, people won't wait. – they'll simply move on to the next site. For the best results, you should choose an ISP that specializes in “hosting” Web sites. Most ISPs usually offer domain-name registration, security, transaction processing, payment processing and report generation.

So Much to Say...

The information on your page could be the first communication you have with a potential customer. Content can range from basic text to multimedia elements like audio and video. For most Web sites, the content is simply a company's brochure or an employee- written article. When adding content, avoid clutter by designing pages with interesting descriptions and well-placed graphics. Make sure that the information is updated on a regular basis, and all e-mails are answered promptly. Don't let content become static. Keep your visitors intrigued with new information as it brings people back to your site and lends you and your company credibility as an expert in your industry. If your customers agree, consider featuring some photos and details of your best projects.

Be Friendly!

Content is important, but so is the user-friendly construction of your site. Visitors will want the site's navigational techniques to be user-friendly and easily accessible. They also appreciate control in the flow of information and the ability to return to a central home page when necessary. Feedback is an important component in measuring the success and effectiveness of your Web site. Make your phone and fax numbers, contact names and e-mail addresses available to visitors. In addition, provide links to retailers and manufactures that you have business relationships with, and in turn, have them post your link on their page.

These are just a few basic tips. However, the most important thing to remember is it's your site. Make it reflect your businesses personality. Potential customers are more likely to follow-up with someone who comes across as a professional. You never know—your Web site could be the most important thing you ever build!

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