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How Losing a Customer Can Help
You in the Long Run

What do the following activities have in common: Golfing, fishing, vacationing, and contacting lost or unhappy customers. Give-up? They're all ideal ways to spend your free time.

Typically, dealing with an unsatisfied customer isn't the most pleasant thing to do during your off-hours, however, in a business where referrals can make or break your business, an unhappy customer can do a lot of damage.

Contacting an ex-customer can help you determine if the problem is widespread and affecting others customers. If so, you can ask them for ways to help you fix whatever is broken within your organization. Here are four things to keep in mind when contacting lost customers.

Losing a customer can be a devastating blow to any organization, but don't exert all of your energy toward reselling a lost customer. Sometimes it's better to move on. “Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently,” said Henry Ford – a man who failed and went broke five times before finally succeeding.

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