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Direct Mail Secrets: The power of an
effective direct mail campaign

Shhhhh. I've got a secret!

Did you know that even though humans can learn a number of different ways, the most effective way is through repetition? Think about how you learned your multiplication tables. Or better yet, think about advertisements. Do we ever hear or see an advertisement just once?

Art Evans of Photo Data Research says he discovered that mailing the same piece to the same prospective customer list three times achieves extremely successful results – even the second and third time around.

“I learned to pace these mailings at least one month apart,” Evans said. “More often than you think, a recipient who didn't respond the first time will respond to the second or third mailing.”

Direct mail is more than a matter of repetition. According to Kevin Nolan, president of Nolan Painting and member of the PDCA residential council, direct mail is a huge component of his business.

“We've done direct mail for the past four years, with great success,” adds Nolan. “I can say that because without direct mail we would have had virtually no business this past winter.”

Nolan recommends the following for a successful direct mail campaign:

According to Nolan, implementation is the key, followed by repetition, repetition, repetition!

“We mail about 75,000 pieces a year and because of that, we kept 35 painters busy all winter long,” he said. “Thank goodness for direct mail.”

*Some portions of this article originally appeared in PWC's “One Man's Direct Mail” by Kevin Nolan.

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