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Get Your Name Out There – Creatively:
Alternative Methods of Advertising

Your advertising options do not begin and end with the Yellow Pages. Although phone book advertising is a necessity, other creative approaches can catch the attention of potential customers – without catching the attention of your wallet.

The most important thing to remember when advertising your business is to use a venue that links you to the community you are serving. Some ideas for promoting your business include:

  • Church Bulletins. Community worship centers are one of the best places to advertise a local business. Most churches have newsletters or bulletins that have advertising spaces on them. Placing an ad with your church or churches in your area is a sure link to the community.
  • Community Event Sponsorships. Most towns have local events that are strictly for the community and would welcome a local business sponsorship. For example, home and garden walks, community concerts and Christmas events provide opportunities to advertise in their brochures, signage and other promotional materials.
  • Little League Sponsorships. What better way to advertise your business than among something your potential customers hold most dear – their kids. Little League teams require a company to sponsor them, and for only a couple hundred dollars, every member of the team will be wearing the name of your business.
  • Charitable Donation. Is there a historical project or non-profit organization within the community that could use your help? Donating your services for a good cause can spread the name of your business by word of mouth—the fastest and easiest method. Associating your company with a good cause will also grant you referrals for years down the road.
  • Search for websites that give your free or inexpensive listings or link exchanges.

These are just a few creative options for advertising. After reading this, you may look around your community and come up with a few of your own methods to extend your advertising beyond the Yellow Pages and into the backyards of prospective customers.

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